4 Benefits To Getting Tca Peels

The idea of putting trichloracetic acid on your face may not seem like a wise thing to do, but more and more people are turning to TCA peels and getting great results. Trichloracetic acid is a nontoxic chemical that people have been using on their skin for over 20 years. You can use it on your face, neck, back, and hands. Why do people use this chemical on their skin? Here are 4 benefits that you can receive by getting a peel:

Improve Your Appearance

These types of peels are best for people with fairer skin, but all skin types can get an improved skin appearance by using it. The chemicals work to help exfoliate your skin, removing several top layers of your skin. It reveals the newer layers of skin, which will give you a better color and texture to your skin and refresh dull-looking complexions. Since trichloracetic acid is stronger than other types of chemicals used for the peels and it’s left on for a longer period of time, you can see greater changes to your skin’s appearance.

Repair Skin Damage

Has your skin been damaged by the sun? Do you have a lot of freckles and sun spots on your skin? Removing the top layers of your skin can rejuvenate it and help get rid of skin that’s been lightly damaged by the sun. Skin resurfacing can also remove acne-prone skin or precancerous lesions, so you have healthier skin in general. Talk to your trained skin professional about the skin damage that you’ve noticed. He or she can observe and skin and help you understand the results that you can expect.

Reverse Aging Process

When you look in the mirror, do you see a lot of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles? Do you see a lot of dark spots? Resurfacing your skin can be a great way to reveal vibrant, young-looking skin. Using chemicals to remove the dead and dull-looking skin cells will allow you to have the younger skin that you want. A peel can be a great way to rejuvenate your skin and reverse the aging process. If you want to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, you need healthy cells that help make your skin look plump and fuller. Resurfacing your skin is one way to do that.

Tattoo Removal

Although not everyone can have great results with tattoo removal using chemical peels, some people have found that they can help them fade or entirely remove them. There are a number of factors that come into play to determine whether or not this will be an effective method for you. If your tattoo was created by an amateur rather than a professional, it’s typically easier to remove since the ink doesn’t go into the deeper layers of your skin. Other factors that come into play is the size, location, coloring, and design of your tattoo. Talk to your skin care professional about your tattoo to figure out what you can expect from a chemical peel for your tattoo.

There are several other chemicals used for peels, but TCA peels tend to have greater results since they are medium strength. Since working with chemicals can have adverse effects, it’s important to have a trained professional observing the process and making sure that you’re safe. You may experience a stinging or burning sensation, but the trained professional can also tell you signs to watch for that could show that you’re reacting negatively to the chemical. Then, the professional can offer you ways to protect your face as it heals, such as limiting your exposure to the sun. Following these guidelines will help your face heal quickly, and then you can see the great results on your skin in no time.