How to Have Healthy Aging Skin – 3 Ways to Look Fantastic

How to have healthy aging skin is not a pipedream. It can very easily become reality. Here are three ways that you can start off with.

The first way is to forget about invasive treatments like having your face blasted with microcrystals or heated like meat in a microwave oven. In both these cases the skin is burnt and the outer layer is peeled away leaving fresher newer skin but it will take time and there may be some scarring.

The second way is to pay a lot more attention to hydration from within and diet and that means drinking plenty of water. Given that 70% of our body is made up of water, this is hardly surprising. An experiment at Monash University with about 500 people who aged over seventy showed very conclusively that those who had diet of highly processed foods like biscuits cakes, dairy products ended up with much more wrinkled skin. Those who had followed a much healthier diet favoring olive oil, fruit, vegetables, nuts and wholegrain cereals had younger looking skin.

The third way to look fantastic and to learn the secret about how to have healthy aging skin is to choose the right product which is not full of chemicals and toxins. We know for a fact that three quarters of the 126 ingredients we use every day in our personal care products are all very risky for our health. They are allergens or carcinogens. Then some of them will actually cause skin irritation and are also reproductive toxins.

We need to choose the best treatments for aging skin rather carefully. There should be a very clear statement that no mineral oils like paraffin wax or alcohols which have a drying effect on the skin, have been used. But we must not stop there.

We will need to have more information about how to have healthy aging skin by knowing what is false and what is not. For example, we will have to be aware that collagen in a hydrolyzed form is just not on as it has been treated with harsh chemicals. We need to avoid fragrance too as they are just synthetic chemicals manufactured in a laboratory and are only a pale imitation of beautiful smelling roses!.

As regards collagen, we should be wary of pills or creams which are supposed to kick start our collagen. They cannot do this as they will never get to the dermis where our collagen is stored and they are not bio compatible enough to do that either.

There is only one ingredient which has been treated in a gentle safe way and which can actually penetrate our skin and start re-growing our own collagen. It is called Cynergy TK.

That is the key to how to have healthy aging skin. Why not discover more. You will wonder how you managed to miss all this for so long!